The word of the week is “Poem”

Illustration Friday has spoken, this week’s work is poem, and so I have written one. Here it is:

The World’s Worst Poem

I’ve been a writer all my life,
From childhood ‘till I took a wife
And one thing that has caused me strife
Is that no word rhymes with “purple.”

You could write all day and all night
From sunset until dawn’s first light
You could work and curse, swear and fight
But there’s nothing that rhymes with “month.”

I met a guru in Pakistan
He’d gone from Rome to Khazikstan,
Wherever he went, this great man
Still couldn’t find a rhyme for “orange.”

This is the moral of my tale:
You can try, but to no avail,
To rhyme some words you’ll always fail,
Tho’ they pay you in gold and silver.

4 Responses to “The word of the week is “Poem””

  1. Marta says:

    You have to pull and twist to fetch it,
    And you really need to stretch it,
    But if you strain your ears to catch it,
    Syrup’ll rhyme with purple.

    LOL! I enjoyed your rhyme!

  2. jason says:

    “Tho’ your blueberry looks a little purple,
    And your maple syrup looks a little murple,
    Don’t believe what you have heard or seen,
    The Danube isn’t blue, its green.”
    -Spike Jones

    Yes, and perhaps I should mention to save time that another near rhyme for “purple” is “burble”, and a near rhyme for “orange” is “syringe”. If we start using near-rhymes, though, what’s the point? We might as well just pack up and all take government jobs.

    Glad you liked the poem!

  3. Sherry says:

    Hey, Jason, great idea to write for the IF words. I have a foot in both camps as a writer who dabbles in art, and I salute you! I’m not the rebel you are, as I obediently draw pictures for Illustration Friday. 😉 Yes, I found you through Stephanie’s site, since the word “writing” naturally caught my eye. I enjoyed your poem as well as your piece for Discovery (I write SF/Fantasy so found that especially fun…). I’ll be visiting again…keep it up!

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