Happy Independance Day Tobago!!!

I feel so embarassed, every year I promise myself that I’m going to remember Tobago Independance day, but every year I forget to send them a card. This year was no exception.

I felt bad enough about it, but when I was researching Tobago on the web, I realized that they don’t even have a national anthem with which to honor their Independance Day.

To kill two birds with one stone, in honor of T.I.D., I have written them a National Anthem. I call it “Oh Tobago”

Oh Tobago! Tobago!

We so proudly sing your name!

Though you were found many years ago

You’re still basically the same.


Your nearest neighbor’s Trinidad

Down in the Caribbean Sea

You may get a great deal of rainfall

But that’s OK by me!


Your chief export is coral

Even though nobody cares

You may have your share of troubles

But you don’t have to worry about bears.


Oh, Tobago! Tobago!

Let’s raise our voices and sing!
While other countries all start wars

That’s not your kind of thing!


Your Chief Secretary’s Orville London

A noble man and true!

Of all the island nations

Tobago we love you!


Oh Tobago! Tobago!

We so proudly sing your name!

No matter how much time passes
We hope you’ll stay the same!

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